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Automate the Web

Have you ever wanted to update your twitter profile pic when you change your Facebook profile picture? Do you want an automatic text message every time the forecast calls for rain? How about keeping a log of all your Foursquare check-ins on Google calendar. That’s all possible with a web service called ifttt or the long version If This Then That. It takes some getting used to, but once you set up the channels you want, there are a ton of what they call recipes that others have created to automate the web.

One of my favorite tasks is called where did I leave my phone, which lets you send a command via google talk and it’ll call your phone so if you have it on you can hear the ring. I also use all the various read it later services such as Instapaper, Readability and Pocket (formerly Read It Later), as well as google reader, so I like that when I star an item in Google Reader, it goes to all those services. I can also keep my delicious and inboard accounts in sync, as well as do pretty much anything else I want.

Use Instagram a bunch, why not send those photos to Dropbox, or Facebook automatically, the possibilities are endless.

I really suggest you take a look at it and start using it, you’ll love it, and once you automate your web, I don’t think you could go back.

Diving Deeper Into Wakoopa

Last week I introduced Wakoopa, a software tracking program. Today I am going to dig into the dashboard and other aspects of the site. If you need to get caught up, you can read my first post here. What is Wakoopa?

After you get your account set up, you will be taken to your dashboard. Yours may not look like mine, but after having Wakoopa track you for awhile you will see a lot more information. The main part of the dashboard is the following four items.

  1. What’s new for you?
  2. Your top 5 software
  3. Software recommendations
  4. Your neighbors.

These views give you a short overview of your Wakoopa account. What’s new is basically a news stream of the goings on at Wakoopa. The second one shows the top 5 applications you’ve used, next is recommendations based on your history, and neighbors are people who use like software.

The next section is your actual usage, which tells you how long you have used each applicaiton, and it also is able to let you know what is a regular app and what’s a background app, which is very nice, because on my usage it tells me I have used Dropbox for almost 2000 hours, and I know I haven’t had Dropbox open for that long, but it’s in my list of background apps, so I know that it has been running in the background.

Wakoopa is highly useful as a software tracker and a good tool if you need to find new software. So make the jump and sign up and give wakoopa a try, you won’t even know it’s running until you get that first weekly email.

What is Wakoopa?

I have been asked more than a few times, why do applications and other webapps show up in my friendfeed, facebook and twitter timelines? It’s because I use a service called Wakoopa. Now the question is, what is Wakoopa, and why would I want it known to everyone what applications I use.

First off, let’s learn about what Wakoopa is, and why it exists. On their homepage, they have four things prominently posted in the middle of their page.

  1. Track your apps
  2. Discover new software
  3. Share what you use
  4. Get updated by friends

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