LG Intuition Quick Look

I started out to do a full review of the LG Intuition but due to some technical difficulties on Verizon’s end the device couldn’t be activated, so I’ll just pop out a quick few words on this device.

1. It’s HUGE. I don’t know if it will sell well, it’s big and square and barely fits in one hand. I don’t see this working as a phone.

2. It’s trying to be like the Galaxy Note, but it’s bigger and there is no place to put the stylus it comes with, so it’s going to be even easier to loose.

3. This is wide and boxy, whereas the not is not as wide.

4. It’s good for tablet stuff and two handed use, but again, I couldn’t see this being used as an everyday phone.

5. The display is nice it’s not 16:9 so movies and such are in the middle, but they all looked go

od. Nice for typing as the on screen keyboard is bigger due to the size of the device.

Final Thoughts

If you want this type of device, a half tablet half phone, even though I haven’t used the Galaxy Note or the Note II, I’d get one of those instead.



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